This is the Monthly Score Sheet for the Checkered Flag Challenge, showing the total scores so far for the current month. Be sure to check our other Score Sheets to see specifically how you fared this week, and how you stand in the running for the Grand Prize.

The fourth month of the contest is now complete. Congratulations go to Rich Paris of Dover, who had the most points for the fourth month of the contest. For his efforts, Rich wins our montly prize pack!

The tables are listed in order of points scored for the month period.

Monthly Scores
1Howard Parker Jr1858
2harry poore1820
3Jill Roberts1816
5Jed Heimbach1813
6Chad Roberts1812
7Sharon Faulkner1793
8damian harmon1791
9David Van Vorst1789
10Eric McGuire1779
11tammy kehler1777
12scott schaeffer1773
13Michael Drummond1771
14Cheryl Heimbach1770
15bob bodner1765
16Emily Wentworth1757
17John Hill1753
18Ashley Spence1742
19Gary Ellingsworth1740
20Shirley Truitt1738
21Kelly Ellingsworth1735
22Jesse Showard1731
23Susan Hofstetter1726
24Ben Tebbens1722
25Bob Kuhling1721
26kerri harmon1720
27Mike Hofstetter1720
28Dawn Ellingsworth1710
29sharon keithley1708
30Benjamin Tebbens1706
31Jeremy Ellingsworth1704
32korey showers1694
33Debbie Ellingsworth1693
34Kyle Breckner1692
35William brittingham1691
36Randall Grunden II1684
37Doug Ellingsworth1679
38Sue Ellingsworth1671
40amber showard1668
41Pat Robinson1668
42Jennifer Grunden1665
43MIK BAIN1658
44Ruth Queen1656
45thomas showers1652
46skyler butler1652
47Kim Hill1651
48Katelyn Ellingsworth1649
49Bob Clausen1642
50Bill Ellingsworth1639
51Judy Kidwell1639
52melinda wentworth1638
53Jeff Evans1637
54Vic Jeffries1629
55Peggy Kish1629
56Mario Lagunes1628
57Evelyn Mills1624
58william beiler1623
59The need for speed !!1623
60denny fleetwood1618
61james kehler1609
62kevin breckner1604
63Michael Ohlig1596
64Charles Garrett1591
65Glenn Truitt1591
66Steve Murphy1588
67John Wiles1587
68leslee showers1585
69Brian Perry1584
70Matthew Ellingsworth1576
71Bob Hyland1573
72Debbie Bain1572
73Billy Wilson Jr1572
74ethan taube1570
75Jay Collins1560
76Larry Peischl1555
77George Mannices1552
78Lisa Stapleford1549
79Jim Alton1548
80Michele Wilson1542
81george baksany1542
82Robert Nichols1533
83Dave Baker1532
84Chris McGuire1531
85holly west1531
86tim morrow1526
87Vinnie Colombo1525
88Gary Blades1523
89thomas kidwell1521
90Taylor Ellingsworth1518
91Darlene Alton1510
92Janet Clement1510
93Tracey Weaver1504
94Craig Reynolds1490
95Daniel Vick1489
96Janice Ellingsworth1486
97Jim McFall1478
98Mary Reed1475
99Rich Paris1473
100stephen watson1470
101jerry wells1468
102tracy selph1464
103Billy Bradley1456
104John Laddbush1438
105Alta Mast1433
106Joanne Miller1428
107JoAnn Varvaro-James1422
108Jeff Kester1396
109Wanda Nichols1392
110Eric Rauch1380
111Ted Kimmey1380
112william kittrell II1343
113scot williamson1343
114Charlotte Kirmes1339
115billy foxwell1338
116Ken Stevens1301
117clifford larrimore1291
118jay choma1276
119Bryan Wilson1237
120Richard Barclay1219
121C J Kirmes1216
122Tim Bain1202
123barbara choma1161
124Lois Cicippio1154
125Rich Cicippio1113
127wilson branham1065
128bill roberts1043
129Svitlana Warner1021
130Shelley Wiles969
131margie porreca924
132William Ellingsworth III 888
133Tonya Schaeffer807
134michael Goff799
135rod burnham737
136Greg Murphy719
137Teresa Murphy706
138Catherine Weaver606
139Lisa Waggoner565
140Thomas French541
141donald welch521
142ronnie gatti520
143Stephen Fox511
144james malone497
145john mclean484
146dana lail483
147john choma445
148Dawn Tomeski433
149Jennifer McLean430
150Jonathan Evans422
151Michael Tedesco395
152Elizabeth Suchinsky387
153jack webb383
154Christine Tedesco382
155joe cappadonna360
156Sylvester Suchinsky315
157crystal hinton271
158liz sheppard254
159James Ansalvish III187
160Charles Werner187
161John Reiss158
162Jamie Paxson147
163Bart Shortall146
164Shirley Madden136
165Lee Jackson133
166James Scheminant132
167Bill Berry131
168zachary harvey126
169martha burnham115
170Teresa Price105
171Don Smith 97
172Kelly DeBlois96
173Regina Culhane92
174ruth ann shevitz86


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