Checkered Flag Challenge Scoring System

The following is the schedule of points we use in scoring Checkered Flag Challenge entries. It is based on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Points Schedule, with a few differences worth mentioning. The full breakdown of points earned for position finished is at the bottom of this page. As an example, let's assume the drivers you selected finished in the following places: 3rd, 12th, 16th, and 40th. And let's assume that your Wild Card Bonus Driver finished in 8th place. Your score for that week would be the total of the points assigned for finishing in those places, or:

41 + 32 + 28 + 4 + 36 = 141

Now for those differences we mentioned...
  • NASCAR awards drivers bonus points for winning the race, leading a lap, and leading the most laps. We do NOT award these bonus points in the Checkered Flag Challenge.
  • Scoring is based on the drivers you pick, not on team or car number. You will only receive points based on how the drivers you pick fare. If there is a substitute driver on a team for any given week, that substitute driver is credited with the points he wins, NOT the driver who usually drives that car.
  • Our scoring method does not factor in whether a driver is competing for a Sprint Cup championship. If a driver races in a Sprint Cup race, you can earn points for picking him/her. (This note pertains to the NASCAR rule that drivers can only earn points in one series. If a Nationwide Series driver races in a Sprint Cup race, they do not earn Sprint Cup points. But you will still earn Checkered Flag Challenge points if you pick them.)
The following table shows the breakdown of points assigned for place finished in Sprint Cup races.

  1. 100
  2. 90
  3. 80
  4. 70
  5. 60

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