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Report: White House Officials Aided Nunes in Getting Intel Reports
The New York Times reports two White House officials were involved in giving House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes access to intel reports.

N.C. Legislature Votes to Repeal Controversial 'Bathroom Bill'
A deal that North Carolina lawmakers reached to repeal the state's controversial "bathroom bill" cleared a critical hurdle Thursday.

Trump Issues Midterms Threat to Conservative Freedom Caucus
President Donald Trump tweeted he would fight against Democrats and members of his own party in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.

See How Your Neighborhood Voted in 2016
An election expert at Decision Desk HQ spent a year putting together the most detailed map available of the 2016 election.

NBA History: Westbrook Scores Most Points Ever in Triple-Double
Russell Westbrook lifted the Thunder to a 114-106 win over the Magic while posting an incredible stat line: 57 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assists.

Putin Garbles Famous Bush 41 Quote to Deny Election Hacking
The man rated by Forbes as the world's powerful person got it wrong.

American Airlines Pilot Dies After Medical Emergency on Flight
The airline identified the pilot as First Officer William "Mike" Grubbs. Flight 1353 landed safely after leaving Dallas and arriving in Albuquerque.

NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Is Showing Its Age, but That's Not All Bad
NASA's car-sized Mars rover has been successfully roaming the surface of the red planet for almost five years now, but a recent check of its six wheels shows that one has breaks in its zigzag treads.

The Best Way to Take a Shower, According to Doctors
How long and how often should you shower? Learn the best way to take a shower to get the ultimate cleanse.

'Jihadi' Terror Attack on Venice Foiled: Cops
Three Kosovan men in their 20s were arrested after police monitoring a "jihadi cell" in Venice overheard them discussing a possible attack.

Ohio Limits Opioid Prescriptions to Just Seven Days
Facing an epidemic of deadly opioid overdoses, Ohio moves to limit painkiller prescriptions to seven days.

13 Dead After Church Van and Truck Crash Head-On
Thirteen people were dead after a church van carrying senior citizens and a pickup truck collided head-on Wednesday in Texas, authorities said.

Poll: Republicans, Democrats Agree on One Thing
Members of both parties see significant internal division, according to a new NBC News|SurveyMonkey Poll.

Mexican A-G Held in U.S. Jail Over Massive Drug Conspiracy
The scale of the alleged conspiracy wasn't detailed, but U.S. prosecutors said Edgar Veytia would have to forfeit at least $250 million if convicted.

Inside a Once-Prosperous Seaside Town That Backed Brexit
Almost two-thirds of voters in the rundown resort of Margate voted to leave the EU. The town's residents shared their hopes and fears with NBC News.

Cyprus Connection: Manafort-Linked Accounts Raised Red Flag
Banking sources said some transactions raised sufficient concern to trigger an internal investigation into potential money laundering activities.

'Never Seen Anything Like It': Lab Scandal Could Overturn 23,000 Convictions
About 23,000 people convicted of low-level drug crimes could have their cases wiped away as the result of an epic Massachusetts lab scandal.

Ivanka Trump Named 'Assistant to the President' in New Role
The White House announced Monday that Ivanka Trump will take no pay and serve as an assistant to the president.

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Angelina Jolie truly fought her way onto the big screen to depict the embattled Lara Craft in Tomb Raider 16 years ago. According to an excerpt of an upcoming biography about film mogul Sherry Lansing, Jolie was required to jump through a some serious hoops to land the role, including drug testing.

Author Stephen Galloway wrote that film director Simon West was so concerned, Jolie attempted to allay his darkest fears: "Jolie said: 'Look, I want to do it, but I know what my reputation is, and I'll do anything you want to prove that I'm worthy. I'll be reliable, and I'll turn up, and I'll work hard,'" West recalled, according to The Hollywood Reporter's excerpt. "She said, 'I don't care if the studio wants to drug test me every day.'"

  • Rumors of drug use were one thing, as was her relationship with her brother, which was perceived to be unusual. What’s more, her father Jon Voight and Jane Fonda reportedly warned Paramount Pictures then-chairwoman Sherry Lansing about Jolie and attempted to dissuade them from working with her.
  • Then there was her relationship with Billy Bob Thornton, whose blood she reportedly carted around in a vial around her neck, the book alleges.
  • After getting Jolie’s pledge to behave and submitting her to drug tests, the studio decided to hire a professional watcher to care for her both physically and mentally. The book, titled Leading Lady, quotes West as describing Bobby Klein as "somebody who had worked in that world of psychotherapy or drug management or whatever."
  • Klein was hired, but after some offbeat instructions like hiring an expert who "wanted her to have milk baths and started talking about yoga and meditation and wanted to be the point person in charge of Angelina's training," and allegedly sexually harassing the director’s assistant, he was given the boot.
  • Ultimately of course, Jolie was a phenomenal success. The movie earned $275 million worldwide in its opening with a $115 million budget.
  • Leading Lady, published by Crown Archetype, will drop April 25th.

Academy Award-winning actress Emma Thompson is speaking out about Hollywood’s body image issues.

The 57-year-old star lambasted the pressure women in Hollywood face in a recent interview with Swedish TV show Skavlan.

  • "It is evil what is going on and happening out there, and it is getting worse," Thompson said. "The anorexia ... there are so many kids, girls, and boys now, and actresses who are very very thin that are into their 30's and simply don't eat. They don't eat."
  • She shared an anecdote from her work on the 2008 film Brideshead Revisited, explaining that she stood up for another actress who was being told to lose weight.
  • "She was absolutely exquisite," Thompson recalls. "I said to them, 'If you speak to her about this again, on any level, I will leave this picture, you are never to do that.'"
  • Thompson joked that she feared being turned away from Hollywood herself: "'Hello, are you Emma Thompson? You can't come in you're too fat," the actress said, speaking in an American accent.

Lamar Odom has revealed that ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian, was unaware of his drug used until years into their marriage. During an interview with Us Weekly, he said, "I was hiding it for a while, but then I got frustrated and was like, f**k it. Around two years before we split up in 2011, I was in the man cave she had made for me and she caught me. She was disappointed. So was I. The sad thing about it is, I don’t know if I was disappointed because I was actually doing the drug or because she caught me. She knew I was doing cocaine the whole time after that. It was my drug of choice. I’m not going to say she accepted it because that would be the wrong word. Tolerated would be a better word."

Odom went on to recount the night where he almost lost his life. The former NBA player said that he barely remembers what happened. He said, "Two women were in bed and then I fell asleep. That’s all. When I woke up four days later, I was trying to pull the tubes out of my mouth."

  • He then said that he was relieved that Khloe was by his side. Odom continued, "H*ll, yeah. It was definitely a moment of relief. I didn’t even know what had just happened. I mean, I’m a big strong dude who has made it to the highest level of doing what he loves. And now I can’t walk or talk. She was the first thing I saw. She said, ‘Hi, Mookah.’ ‘Mookah’ is a name my mother used to call me. She said it to let me know I wasn’t dead. She played a major role in me getting my memory back. She would bring pictures of my mother and my grandmother. I kept thinking, Am I paralyzed forever? Am I mute forever? It was scary sh*t. Faith got me through."
  • Lamar added that his daughter is the reason he entered into rehab. He explained, "My daughter gave me the ultimatum to go. She said, ‘Pops, you get help or I won’t talk to you.’ I think she saw it in my behavior. Coke is a real psychological drug. You can be getting high and feeling great and then on the way down cursing yourself out. So I think it was one of those moments on the way down. This last time I checked into rehab, I was able to stay the whole 30 days and get the most out of it. I learned about addiction and that it’s a brain disease. The choices we make when our brain is diseased are involuntary. So it was important and life-changing. My kids were really scared that their dad wasn’t going to be here. It was good bonding time with them when they came to see me. They said, ‘Dad, we want you to be here.’ I was honest with them. There is no reason to lie now. But it was good for them to know it is a disease and one I may pass back to them."

Between a hit TV show, two new albums, a third on its way and a biographical dramedy in the works, the 6’4" icon RuPaul is towering taller than ever in the pop landscape.

RuPaul sat down with Billboard on the heels of season nine’s premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race to get real about the past, present and future.

  • On not being suprised at all by the success of Drag Race (the premiere drew nearly a million viewers) in season 9 on VH1: "We had great success at Logo, but I knew it was more accessible to people on VH1."
  • In the premiere, Lady Gaga appeared quite visibly emotional watching as drag queens recreated her iconic look. RuPaul explains that the moment on-set felt as magical as it looked: "She was right in her element: she loves dressing up, she loves playing with identities and characters. She relates to that little nerdy kid outcast who finds freedom in performance and taking on different identities. I think the episode really captured how genuinely moved she was."
  • RuPaul also opened up about the current state of politics in culture in America. "I was so disappointed and despondent after the election," RuPaul explains. "The American dream -- the American drive that we stand for -- had been so deluded and tainted by this divisive entity. And that’s exactly what came out of me: this album. I was angry I chronicled my process of being lost and wanting to get away from it all. And then coming back and saying, ‘You know what? I’m back. I’m ready to fight the hard fight.’"
  • Will that entail a tour with some fresh new material? "I’m coming out with Essential, Vol. 2 in a couple months," RuPaul explains. "I did Remember Me: Essential, Vol. 1 where I rerecorded stuff I had on Warner Brothers. Vol. 2 will be music I released from the last nine years, so a tour would be perfect with that."
  • RuPaul also shared a tidbit about the upcoming fictional series with supernova producer J.J. Abrams that is based on her rise from club kid to diva, saying that the hardest part of creating the show is "casting me! I don’t know who’s going to do that, honestly."
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race airs on Fridays at 8 pm on VH1.

GEORGE CLOONEY REVEALS BABY NAMES WIFE AMAL SHOT DOWN: George Clooney will not be naming his babies (we hope). The jokester shared the potential baby names for the twins he and wife Amal are expecting with Entertainment Tonight: "My wife says I can't name them Casa and Amigos." Clooney co-owns the tequila company Casamigos with friend and business partner Rande Gerber. The duo's lives overlap, with them often vacationing together with their wives (Gerber is married to Cindy Crawford), but Amal is apparently drawing a line in the sand somewhere. Clooney told Extra that Amal is "doing really great. She is amazing. I don't have anything to do. There is nothing I can do to help, but make tea and stuff." And stock up on diapers!

MILA KUNIS RETURNS TO THE RED CARPET: That was fast! Mila Kunis is back in glam mode after giving birth to her second child, son Dimitri in November. The 28-year-old stepped out at CinemaCon in Las Vegas to promote A Bad Mom’s Christmas, a sequel to her 2016 film Bad Moms. Both films co-star Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn. On the red carpet, Kunis looked stunning in an all-black ensemble. She told People of her typical night with infant Dimitri and two-year-old Wyatt these days: "It's different, there's two. He's also 3 months old and you forget what sleepless nights are like. I remember guys, talk to me."

RUSSELL CROWE DESTROYS BODY SHAMERS IN ONE TWEET: The Gladiator is declaring war on body shamers. After photos of actor Russell Crowe wearing a tank top emerged, the critics descended. Page Six posted a tweet with a "before" and "after" pic of Crowe that reads: "*A moment of silence for Russell Crowe's hot bod*," but Crowe got the last chuckle. Responding to another commenter who said Howard Stern was slamming his body, Crowe tweeted: "I can bench press young Howard ... he cannot say the same ..." Ha!

OSCAR ISAAC EXPECTING FIRST CHILD WITH GIRLFRIEND ELVIRA LIND: Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac and his girlfriend Elvira Lind are expecting their first child together, according to reports. They are partners in love and sometimes, business. Lind, a documentary director, teamed up with Isaacs in 2013 to launch Staircase Sessions, a site dedicated to acoustic performances by local musicians.

PROPERTY BROTHERS STARS EXPLAIN WHY THEY LIVE TOGETHER AT AGE 38: That’s a lot of togetherness! Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott, the twin stars of HGTV’s Property Brothers still live together – with their respective partners to boot. Drew’s fiancé Linda Phan explains: "People were always like, 'Isn't that weird?' But there's an ease to it. You wake up and you go to work. It's nice and really convenient to be able to have meetings with the people you live with." Jonathan’s girlfriend, Jacinta Kuznetsov, lives and works with them as a producer. They all share one place in Las Vegas, but Phan and Drew have their own home in L.A., while Jonathan and Kuznetsov have a place in Toronto. Have you ever lived with a family member in your thirties or beyond?

‘GOOD MORNING AMERICA’ ANCHORS ANNOYED BY MICHAEL STRAHAN?: Michael Strahan is reportedly driving his Good Morning America coworkers nuts. Page Six says anchors on the morning show are sick of ABC bosses giving Strahan special treatment. "They roll out the carpet for Strahan while seasoned talent is treated like dirt. He’s been given a lot of opportunity, flexibility, when the others who have been working there longer don’t get that kind of treatment," a source said. Lara Spencer, pop anchor on the broadcast, seems to have a major issue with Mike stealing her shine, according to the insider. She "feels like her role has been minimized with Strahan. They know how to put it on for the cameras, but he’s doing a lot of what Lara should be doing on the show and she’s not happy." Meanwhile, an ABC News exec told Page Six that Spencer and Strahan "get along great. She loves having someone with his sense of humor on the show."

BILLY EICHNER SET FOR RECURRING ROLE IN AMERICAN HORROR STORY: The upcoming election-themed season of anthology series American Horror Story has added Billy Eichner to its cast of regulars. The Billy on the Street star will appear with Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters. He will wear "mysterious tank tops" and be a "close confidant" of Paulson’s character per Deadline.

SANTA CLARITA DIET RENEWED FOR SEASON 2 ON NETFLIX: Zombie comedy Santa Clarita Diet, starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, will return for a second season in 2018, Netflix confirms. The 10-episode run of the first season was released February 3rd. The release date and episode count for season 2 have not yet been revealed.

THE MINDY PROJECT IS ENDING WITH SEASON 6 ON HULU: The Mindy Project and Hulu announced that the upcoming sixth season will be its final. "I mean this half-jokingly, but at a certain point it was like, I think she's dated every man in Manhattan. Sex and the City lasted for, what, six seasons with 10 episodes each? I don't know that there's been a show about a woman trying to find love in New York City that has lasted quite this long. And frankly, there's no more actors in Hollywood left to date," star Mindy Kaling tells Entertainment Weekly. Will you miss The Mindy Project?

CHERYL BURKE WILL REPLACE ABBY LEE MILLER ON DANCE MOMS: Former Dancing With the Stars pro Cheryl Burke will be hitting the floor for the current season of Dance Moms. News that she will join the Lifetime series for the rest of the seventh season broke after former star Abby Lee Miller quit the show in a tirade on Instagram Sunday night. Burke will reportedly fill in for four episodes of Dance Moms.

ROGER STONE NETFLIX DOC TO PREMIERE AT TRIBECA FILM FEST: Former President Donald Trump's adviser Roger Stone is getting the biopic treatment at Netflix. Get Me Roger Stone includes interviews with Stone, Trump and former campaign manager Paul Manafort. In a preview of the movie seen by Page Six, Stone says he predicted Trump’s win way back when: "I was like a jockey looking for a horse … you can’t win the race if you don’t have a horse." Manafort agrees, adding, "Roger saw something that nobody else saw back in the early ’80s." The film will premiere April 23rd at the Tribeca Film Festival and on May 12th on Netflix.

AMAZON GREENLIGHTS MCLAREN RACING DOCUSERIES: Amazon is giving the all-clear to a docuseries that offers unprecedented peek at the McLaren racing team as it competes in the 2017 FIA Formula 1 World Championship. The untitled project will be exclusive to Amazon Prime Video.

NEW ACADEMY AWARDS SAFEGUARDS IN PLACE: At the 90th Academy Awards ceremony next year, there will be new safeguards in place in order to prevent a repeat of the cringe-inducing debacle that became the talk of the 2017 Oscars. PricewaterhouseCooper accountants took the blame for handing the wrong Best Picture envelope to presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. Despite the error, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is not severing ties with the firm, the board decided Tuesday night. PwC has been working with the Academy since 1935, and its U.S. chairman, Tim Ryan, again apologized to the board on Tuesday for the error. Next year, balloting leaders Brian Cullinan and Martha Ruiz will be replaced by partner Rick Rosas, who was in charge of handing out the winners’ envelopes from 2002 to 2013 and did a bang-up job. He will be joined by a yet-to-be-announced partner. A third balloting leader will know the results and sit in the control room to quickly stop any issues that may arise onstage. Accountants will also go to rehearsals, and absolutely no electronic devices will be allowed near the stage.


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