The Saloon Bathrooms…

As you come in the front door of Steve’s Seaside Saloon, make a left, make a right go past the DJ booth, on your on your right is the bathrooms. Now, I can’t speak for the ladies room, since I have never been in there…However, the Men’s room is a throwback to a long ago era.
Inside you will find Richard, the bathroom attendant. He caters to your every need…. just don’t call him Dick.

After you take care of your business, Richard is there with a dry towel and a wide variety of other toiletries… Mouthwash, mints, gum, cologne, hand lotion, even a pair of nose clippers in a sterile solution. I’d hold off on that one unless you got a real dangler.

Richard works tirelessly for 6 hours a night in that steamy, stinky armpit of a room. So, if you take advantage of one of his services toss him a buck or two.

But remember, don’t call him Dick… it’s Richard.



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