The Hot Tub Story…

On the back deck of Steve’s Seaside saloon you’ll find the unfamous Hot Tub. It was instaled last year to rave reviews. A great place to lounge witha beverage in hand while people watching next to the outdoor stone BBQ pit.

Recently, the Hot tub was in need of repair. Irv, the Hot Tub repair guy came out, dissassembled the plumbing to the tub and found an amazing discovery. Turns out, last Friday during the course of the happy hour, it seems a bikini top managed to get sucked into the water return pipe. A miraculous feat when you consider that there is a filter over said pipe.

Then again, based on the size of the bikini top, it is easy to see how it may have slipped through.Review of the Seaside Saloon outdoor deck surveilence tapes have not revealed anyone leaving the tub without a top.

The top is in lost and found, next to the DJ booth. If you would like to claim it, you need to provide a brief description and possibly the story behind the process in which the top was lost. Otherwise, the infamous top will become a permanent fixture above the Miller lite tap on the south end of the bar.




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