Climbing Mt. Katahdin

During my recent vacation my son’s Boy S cout troop climbed Mt. Katahdin in northern Maine. We climbed this same mountain 2 years ago. This time, we took the 2nd most difficult trail to the top. It’s about 10 hours hiking roundtrip from base to the summit 5,243 feet up.

This year we had wind and rain to contend with. The video below doesn’t do it justice. As we were decending the mountain we are going down Hunt Trail which is simply huge boulders that you have to climb over and down. On either side it drops off from anywhere from 10 feet to thousands of feet down. It is serious climbing.

Our group consisted of 22 scouts and parents. Everyone moved at their own pace based on ability. At one point at the most difficult part of the climb I notice that the groups in front of us and behind us are nowhere in site. It is me, my son Michael and his friend Ethan. The wind begins gusting, the rain is falling and all three of us are getting a bit overwhelmed by the enormity of the situation. After a couple of nervous moments, we rally together and realize we have no choice but to proceed down the mountain. There is no way anyone can come get us at this point. I’m so proud of these guys. The dug deep for the courage and persevered down the wet slippery rocks.

Again, the video doesn’t really show you the full magnitude of our surroundings. Pretty Cool, memories of that last a lifetime.



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