My Pete Rose Story

Okay, here is my encounter with Pete Rose a couple of years ago….

I was in Vegas, losing money at Ceasar’s Palace (Beautiful by the way. Even if you don’t gamble, the shops are amazing)So I’m walking around the shops and there is a sports memorabilia store with a sign that says Pete Rose is signing autographs today. COOL! I’l pop in and see Pete. I like Pete, even though he gambled on baseball. I actually saw him get his 3,000th hit. It was a cool moment.

So I go into this shop and there is Pete Rose behind a table surrounded by people. There is a sign that says Pete Rose Autographed baseballs $75. Okay… a bit pricey. I can live without it. So I take out my cell phone and figure I can snap a shot of the all time hits leader in baseball. The first couple of shots Pete’s “People” manage to accidentally block the photo. I’m no idiot. I understand what is going on….So, I’m persistent….I’m not giving up. Because, at the end of the day, no matter what happens… I will have a picture or a story. Well, I got both.

I managed to get this shot of Pete. Not flattering really. But moments after I snap this I have 2 or 3 guys (I’ll call them “staff”) Who tell me if I want a picture of Pete it will cost me $75. AND… I can stand next to him. Wow.. really? I never would have imagined I could actually be IN the picture with Pete. At that point I said no thanks, I got what I came for. At which point they “guided” me out the door.

Now, look. I understand it’s business. Pete was looking to make a living. But you now, I’m a fan… always been one. Even one after all his controversy with gambling. Throw me a bone here. I can’t afford a $75 autographed ball. Just hook me up with a snap shot. Something to remember the moment.But instead… I got a story.Not a great one, but a story about me and Pete Rose.

Should he be in the Hall Of Fame? I think so…His accomplishments on the field speak for themselves. Unfortunately so many of our sports heroes don’t live up to the expectation off the field.




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