Classic Rock Live with Pierre Robert

Sunday Nights 7-9p

A brand new two hour classic rock radio show with recorded live performances hosted by rock radio legend Pierre Robert. The concert experience continues to be part of every music fans’ lives. It is because of that passion for music I’m proud to announce a new show, Classic Rock Live. This program allows listeners to hear live recordings and reminisce by offering the best songs, from prolific bands, captured from different eras.

Peoples’ listening habits have changed; very few people will sit and listen to an hour of just one band in the Itunes era. With segments like, “Unreleased Live” and “Wish You Were There”, Classic Rock Live truly delivers a unique listening experience. Unlike all the “live concert” shows of the past that played an hour of one artist, the program will deliver hit after hit, from a variety of classic rock artists in a weekly, two-hour show.

Classic Rock Live is hosted by radio legend Pierre Robert from Philadelphia’s WMMR. Pierre is the consummate radio professional and concert aficionado, who has attended more than a thousand shows all over the globe. No one is better suited to bring an audience great classic rock moments, from all the most renowned tours. Classic Rock Live is produced by twenty-year, Michigan radio veteran, Steve Black, who also produces and hosts America’s guitar radio show, The Chop Shop.

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