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Meet Lila, this week’s Cool Pet Of The Week!  She is a gorgeous 17 week old Shepherd mix puppy.  She is definitely a site for sore eyes!  It will be very hard to pass her by.   Make sure that you are mentally and physically prepared prior to bringing this cutie home.  It is a good idea to have these puppy checklist items on hand before you are distracted by a licking, happy ball of fur in the house; dog toys, dog treats, dog food, bedding, and cleaning supplies.  Thank you for adopting from a shelter. For more about Lila, visit:


Each week, we bring you a pet in need of a good home. Can you help?

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Cookie ID# 354093

Meet Cookie! She is a 5 year old beagle that is looking for a lovable home. She is very timid and will take some time to adjust to new people but she is very sweet and gentle. She likes to spend her day snuggled in a warm bed. Being a beagle her ears may need to be cleaned often since they are prone to ear infections. She is easy tempered and is very good at getting baths and groomed.

Cookie is Echrliclia possitive. This is a disease spread by ticks and fleas. She will need to stay on flea and tick preventive as well as get an annual 4DX test. Some dogs show signs of this disease while others live normal lives. It is important to consult a vet before adopting so you can fully understand what her condition is. Cookie as of right now is showing no physical signs and is otherwise very healthy.




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Bobby: Pet of the Week for 8/16/17


Say hello to this week’s Cool Pet Of The Week, proudly sponsored by Concord Pet Food and Supplies! Bobby is about 1 year old Husky mix. He is a strong fellow that will need a strong owner that can take him on walks and teach him new things. He would love to have an active home, where he can run, play, and explore the world. He will need to meet other dogs that you may have in the home due to him being dog selective. Please consider him for a forever pet. For more info about Bobby, visit:



Meet Dolores, this week’s Cool Pet of the Week! This sweet girl has really had a rough life. She is 4 years old. She came to the center skinny, starving, and with bed sores. She has had much improvement in the short time that we have had her. She is gentle and loving. She thrives on human companionship. Dolores’s story will bring tears to your eyes, but put a smile on your face! We love Dolores and can’t wait for her to receive the loving home that she truly deserves. Adopt Dolores or donate towards her care today! For more information about Dolores, or any other animal available for adoption at the First State Animal Shelter & S.P.C.A., visit: :

Foghorn Leghorn


Meet this week’s “Cool Pet Of The Week”, Foghorn Leghorn!
“That boy’s as timid as a canary at a cat show.” That’s right folks, meet Foghorn Leghorn! He’s not a rooster but a 3 year old cat that is as sweet as can be and looking for a forever home. “I say, boy, pay attention when I’m talkin’ to ya, boy.” Adopt Foghorn Leghorn and get years full of laughs! Foghorn is available for adoption at the Dover Petco. For more information about Foghorn Leghorn, or any other animal available for adoption at the First State Animal Shelter & S.P.C.A., click here


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