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Meet Froggie! Our Concord Pet Food and Supplies “Cool Pet Of The Week”. This sweet girl is Froggie and she is looking for a very loving home to take care of her. She’ll require lots of cuddles and a playful home. Find out more about Froggie (and her friends!) here: Or Click the link below!


This very pretty girl is Camilla, and she is this week’s (8 7 2019) Concord Pet Food and Supplies “Cool Pet Of The Week”! Camilla is a German Short haired Pointer mix and is looking for her forever home. Camilla is currently only 2 years old and has lots of personality. She enjoys toys and taking nice long walks where she can get some fresh air. Camilla would do best in a home where her family will take the time to crate train her, as she gets bored easily, and will chew if she doesn’t have enough stimulation. Camilla would love to be in an active family. Find out more about Camilla (and her friends!) here:

How cute is she!!! This is Bambi, our Concord Pet Food and Supplies “Cool Pet Of The Week”! (7/24/2019) Bambi is a very shy girl who grew up without human interaction. Bambi will run from you at first, but then relaxes once you pick her up to hold her. She will need a home with a patient family who will allow her to fully bloom in her own time. If you would like to know more more about Bambi (and her friends), here’s the link:

Meet “Booger”, our Concord Pet Food and Supplies “Cool Pet Of The Week”! (3/27/19)  Booger is an older guy at 12 years old, but that just means he has experience! Booger was in a home before but unfortunately his owner passed away so he found himself back here again looking for his new forever home. Booger would do great in a home where his owners have no issues caring for an older dog and is experienced with the JRT breed. Booger is a very sweet guy who enjoys his outside time and getting treats for good behavior. if you think you are that forever home that Booger is looking for please come on in and consider an older guy. Find out more about Booger here:

Meet “Kendall” and “Rob”, this week’s Concord Pet Food and Supplies “Cool Pet(s) Of The Week!” Kendall is a sweet little girl that is here with her brother Rob. They truly love each other and have been together their whole life. They want to stay together and are very friendly. We are going to place them in a home together because they are a bonded pair. It is very important that they stay together. They have absolutely beautiful coloring and would make a great friend or first time pet to anyone who likes bunnies. (Even though the picture says Kylie it is actually Rob. We thought she was a girl but we found out he was a boy) Find out more about us at:

Bruno ID#357104

My name is Bruno and I’m this week’s (3/5/2019) Concord Pet Food and Supplies “Cool Pet Of The Week”! And as you can tell by my picture I am a pig that like to play in mud and get dirty. I am actually a very sweet pig who likes human companionship and love to be around people. I have had a an owner my whole life, but they are no longer able to care for me so I need a new family that will enjoy my antics and the company of a piggy. My name truly is Bruno so I would like to keep it. Anyone that has a farm with a nice fence that is interested in caring for me should come by and meet me. You will fall in love instantly.  Find out more about us and our friends at:
Hello, there my name is Ruby, and I’m this week’s (2/6/2019) Concord Pet Food and Supplies “Cool Pet Of The Week”! I am a 5 year old Dachshund and I was rescued from a puppy mill situation. Since I came from such a rough beginning it is gonna take me some time to learn things. I will require an owner who has knowledge of owning a dog, as well understanding that due to my previous circumstances it will take time and patience for me to adjust in the home. It won’t take me long to catch on, I’m very smart and incredibly sweet. I can be a little shy at first but once I warm up to you I am a such a loving companion. I love my friend Sapphire very much we are a bonded pair and will need to go to a home together. I am fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and spayed. Find out more about us and our friends at:
Say hello to this week’s Concord Pet Food & Supplies “Cool Pet Of The Week”, “Dora”! Dora recently found herself homeless, but now she has made so many new friends at the shelter! She knows her name and will come up to you when you talk to her. She loves to be rubbed and pet. She enjoys having her alone time when there’s too much excitement, but she would make a great lap cat! She doesn’t have a lot of energy, so a low-key lifestyle is what this girl needs. Do you have what it takes to be Dora’s fur-ever family? I do well with other cats, I could get used to having a dog around! Older kids would be great, I have low-energy so a lot of excitement slightly scares me.Find out more about me and my friends here:
Meet “McBacon”, he is a 4 year old hound mix from North Carolina, and this week’s (1/16/2019) Concord Pet Foods & Supplies “Cool Pet Of The Week”. His name is McBacon because who doesn’t love bacon ?! He is a sweet guy looking for his forever home. McBacon has dreams of one day riding in a car headed home, with his head out the window and ears flapping experiencing freedom and a new life for the first time. McBacon would make the best companion and family member. Are you the eggs to his bacon? Come on in and meat ….uh… him! For more information about McBacon, visit:
1 09 2019
Here comes “Cookie”, the sweetest little girl that you could ever meet, and this week’s Concord Pet Food & Supplies Cool Pet Of The Week!. Cookie is a Labrador Mix (maybe with Corgi). That is why she was named Cookie because she is such a sweetheart. She is ready to go and meet her new family and find her forever home. She has been vaccinated, micro-chipped and spayed already. This means the only thing she needs now is her forever family. Come meet this wonderful girl and take her home forever. For more info about Cookie,
Meet Roscoe! Roscoe is a 6-year-old Shar-pei/Lab mix. Roscoe is unlike any dog you have seen. He has a very handsome and sleek look. He is a beautiful chocolate color, with brown eyes that match his coat. His flopped ears break up his bold stature and appearance. Because of his bold, and strong appearance he would make a good watchdog for any household or family. We recommend that he is adopted by someone who is an experienced dog owner that understands dog behavior. His owner will need to be confident, firm but gentle, and a consistent authority figure. He does not make friends easily with children or kitties. Roscoe loves being active and spending time outside. He needs some guidance on leash walking but with time he will be a master. A big jolly ball is Roscoe’s favorite toy. He is wonderful at playing fetch but likes to keep the toys all for himself and is stubborn about giving them back. An endless supply of toys would be great for him. He would play with toys all day if he could. He needs someone that can respect his personal space. He acts as though he is too manly to be brushed or given bath; a brush and Roscoe do not get along. He is a manly dog that needs to have rules and given a space to work off his energy. If Roscoe sounds perfect for you and your life, please do not hesitate to do a meet and greet. He is eager to find a new home and looks for one each and every day! Find out more about Roscoe at:
Meet the very handsome and friendly Oscar. He is this week’s Concord Pet Food and Supplies “Cool Pet Of The Week”! He is an absolute beauty. He has wonderful markings and coloring. He is a good little guy that is need of a forever home. He is not very old so he has lots of love to give to his new family. He came to us with Quinn and would love to spend his life with him. Come meet him and see if you have a place in your heart to rescue him.Find out more about me and my friends at:
Hey there, my name is Lucky, and I am this week’s Concord Pet Food and Supplies “Cool Pet Of The Week”! I am a four year old male Husky who can be very shy at first, you will have to give me some time to warm up to you but once I get comfortable I will be a wonderful family pet, I just need someone to give me that chance I need. I will require an owner who is familiar with Husky’s and grooming because my fur will require some maintenance from time to time. I will need yard time to run off energy as well since I have that Husky in me. I’m fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered the only thing left is finding my forever home. is that with you? Find out more about me and my friends at:


Meet little Pee Wee, this week’s Concord Pet Foods and Supplies “Cool Pet Of The Week”! Pee Wee is an adorable baby, but will need an owner that is prepared for puppy training. He is very playful and loves to be the center of attention. He is looking for a home that has plenty of love and can give him lots of play time. Come meet Pee Wee and see if he belongs in your family forever! Find out more about Pee Wee here:




Meet Derek, our Concord Pet Food and Supplies “Cool Pet Of The Week!” (11/14/2018)  Derek is a terrier mix from North Carolina who is only a year old and can be a little shy towards others but will learn to warm up eventually. Derek is still pretty young so he will require some obedience training, this shouldn’t take long with the right owner. Derek is fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, neutered and looking for his forever home! Find out more about Derek here:


Cool Pet Of The Week, Derek!



This is our friend Lettuce, she is a part of our BLT group. she is an American Pit Bull Terrier puppy and is full of love to give. Lettuce came to us from a rescue out of North Carolina she was fleeing the hurricane and flooding along with her friends. Lettuce traveled here to little Delaware in hopes of finding her new home. Are you that good home for Lettuce? if so come in and set up a meet and greet. Don’t shop, adopt from First State Animal Center. For more about Maurice, visit: FSAC-SPCA.or 


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Bobby: Pet of the Week for 8/16/17


Say hello to this week’s Cool Pet Of The Week, proudly sponsored by Concord Pet Food and Supplies! Bobby is about 1 year old Husky mix. He is a strong fellow that will need a strong owner that can take him on walks and teach him new things. He would love to have an active home, where he can run, play, and explore the world. He will need to meet other dogs that you may have in the home due to him being dog selective. Please consider him for a forever pet. For more info about Bobby, visit:



Meet Dolores, this week’s Cool Pet of the Week! This sweet girl has really had a rough life. She is 4 years old. She came to the center skinny, starving, and with bed sores. She has had much improvement in the short time that we have had her. She is gentle and loving. She thrives on human companionship. Dolores’s story will bring tears to your eyes, but put a smile on your face! We love Dolores and can’t wait for her to receive the loving home that she truly deserves. Adopt Dolores or donate towards her care today! For more information about Dolores, or any other animal available for adoption at the First State Animal Shelter & S.P.C.A., visit: :

Foghorn Leghorn


Meet this week’s “Cool Pet Of The Week”, Foghorn Leghorn!
“That boy’s as timid as a canary at a cat show.” That’s right folks, meet Foghorn Leghorn! He’s not a rooster but a 3 year old cat that is as sweet as can be and looking for a forever home. “I say, boy, pay attention when I’m talkin’ to ya, boy.” Adopt Foghorn Leghorn and get years full of laughs! Foghorn is available for adoption at the Dover Petco. For more information about Foghorn Leghorn, or any other animal available for adoption at the First State Animal Shelter & S.P.C.A., click here


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